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Hello friends welcome i got many emails and online questions asking about Vit.C serum so today lets discuss about it. In this article i am trying to mention all queries and doubt related to this .

What is vitamin C serum?

This is a serum which contains vitamin c. Serum is thinner than lotion and ointment so it goes deeper in skin and certainly full fill the nutritional requirement of skin. Multiple research works and studies clearly show that Vit-c has important part skin structure and skin healing process. It is also a structural component of collagen which is main part of skin. 

How it works?

Vitamin C is a prime ingredient of collagen, the substance that binds cells together. Collagen production and function is very important to keep the skin smooth and wrinkle less. Vit-c regulate collagen metabolism, function, formation, and delay degradation. Stable collagen production fights wrinkles, and ensures evenness in the skin's tone and texture.  

What are the use?

As i mentioned above vit-c is like nutrition for skin and should be taken for long duration just considering it as food for skin. It brings glow on skin. Its anti aging and helpful in reducing, preventing wrinkles. it also act as anti hyper pigmentation agent. Over all its multipurpose , harmless chemical and should be taken regularly after certain age.

How to use it and side effects?

Wash your face with cleanser or face wash. Leave skin dry and apply vitamin c serum with fingers all over face up to neck. Leave it for some time then apply any moisturizer containing sunscreen. Use it once or twice in a day. In the morning and while before sleeping. And yes there is no side effect at all. I have not come across any one who complained or gave negative feed back.

Is it available in market? 
Yes in India few companies are manufacturing genuine serum. VC15 which contain 15% vitamin C manufactured by Cipla company.  There are many more too which you can find online.
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Hi, Welcome  Stretch marks are very common skin problem. It is an aesthetically important condition which can you give trouble while wearing cloths. Stretch marks mainly come over folds, joints, stomach, thighs, back. Here I will discuss about stretch marks and its treatment options.

Stretch marks or striae is a certain skin condition in which sudden stretch in skin due weight gain or pregnancy ( two most common cause)  cause breakage of connecting fibers of deeps skin ( dermis). Due to damage in connecting tissue upper layer and middle layer totally broken which leads to exposure of deep dermal skin. Due to blood vessels initially stretch marks look mild reddish and inflamed but later as time passes it becomes whitish. Although these are totally symptom less but initially mild itching, pain, irritation could be felt. 

Anything or any condition which can cause sudden or gradual increase in size of general body and cause tension in skin. 
1. Weight Gain - OBESITY
2. Pregnancy 
these two main reasons are for stretch marks. Other then this
1. Marfan, PCOD, Cushing syndrome
2. Prolonged use of steroid creams 
3. Puberty 

Dermaroller is a micro needle instrument . It has multiple titanium needles size varies from .5mm to 2mm. Basically in stretch marks we use 2mm needle. 1st we apply the anesthetic creams over the area to make it senseless. After that we role the dermaroller over the area 6-8 times in multiple directions till mild blood comes. The whole idea behind dermaroller is to give sufficient amount of injury the area. Injury activate the collagen system (main material of dermal and deep skin) and cells start producing collagen. Collagen gets filled beneath the stretch marks and give appearance of fullness and further it looks normal slowly-slowly.
Procedure is as such very simple, not much time consuming, painless and almost no post procedure complications present. Multiple sittings are required. During procedure vit c serum can be added with dermaroller which can further fasten the collagen activation. Number of sittings varies with results 8-10 sittings are required  with the gap of 2-3 week between two sittings. After procedure little pain, redness may persist for few days for that steroid and antibiotics mixed cream should be applied.

Thursday, 19 May 2016


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Sun is always an important factor and plays positive as well negative role in skin condition. Sunlight is involved in numbers of skin disease at the same time it is used as treatment and multiple skin condition. Although as per my experience SUNLIGHT is more of disease producing and can itself cause few peculiar diseases. I will discuss here few very common skin problems caused by Sun Light exposure

TANNING and Generalized Darkening of skin
In India, fairness is itself a kind of taboo and even in rest of the world. Continuous sun exposure to body gradually cause tanning or darkening of skin specially thick skin and prominent part of face like forehead, around eye orbit , hand, back of neck. Diabetes , thyroid further increase the tanning process. Chemical peel and sunscreen is best way to treat. Glycolic chemical peel 30-50% over face is effective method. It takes multiple sitting and many weeks to complete peel procedure. 

One of the most common manifestation of sun light exposure . This condition is common in white skin. Redness, itching, burning sensation, peeling and blackening just like burned skin are common feature. Continuous exposure to sun light over prominent part of body like face, nose, back, neck, are main site for sun burn. Steroid , sunscreen are main treatment line.

Due to sun exposure skin patches and itching, may arise. Patch may be whitish, yellowish, blister type or multiple small papule type. Any kind of morphic lesion may come that is why it is called polymorphic eruption. Initially it is present over exposed part only but once the reaction triggers in body lesion can come in covered part also. Itching, peeling and burning sensation are the main feature of this. Steroid creams and sunscreen are the main treatment therapy. 

It is common skin condition in children and people who work lot in direct sun light. White scaly patch specially around eye, forehead, nose and below eye come symmetrically which are not much itchy but gets irritated in sun light. Calcium supplements also give with steroid creams and sunscreen also given to the patient.

These all conditions are very common and main concern of patients. Pigmentation over face due sunlight may come in any form. Melasma is the most common type of pigmentation. Asian skin widely affected with this condition. In this condition brownish to blackish patch around nose and below eyes comes which are very resistant to treatment. Chemical peel and sunscreen are main treatment line.
      Freckles and lentigines are small-small spots over face which looks like multiple moles. TCA peel and sunscreen are effective treatment but Q-SWITCH laser are quick and most effective method to treat.

Person start feeling itching all over body when ever come in sunlight. Some times itching is so sever that patient needs immediate medial attention. Swelling around eye, lips may come with itching. Solar urticaria is type of skin sensitivity due to sun light which trigger multiple body reaction and cause itching , swelling. Excessive sweating further increase the itching. Antihistaminics, Steroids, Azathioprine, Mthotrexate There are a wide range of medicine for its treatment.

Sun light exposure for any years cause damage of water content of skin and collagen material of skin which further cause wrinkling, loss of skin tightness and  aging spots. Although As such there is no treatment for it but by applying sunscreen. Chemical peel, botox, filler etc could be temporary treatment.

These all are type of cancer which can be aggravated by sun exposure. White skin is very prone to get melanoma and B.C.C . Mole like lesion increasing in size, changing in color, size and texture. Oozing and bleeding could be adding feature of cancer. Skin biopsy is main tool to confirm the diagnosis and plastic surgery is final way to treat.


1. S.L.E

Friday, 13 May 2016


Hi, Excessive sweating could be embarrassing and even irritating some times. Sweating under arms and palms are two problematic condition which affects even life quality too. There are few medical treatment which are not really as effect as botox. I personally prefer to give botox when ever patient comes with this condition. Although it is costly and not a permanent solution but better than other options.


Botox is always a important chemical in dermatology. It is type of toxin taken out from bacteria named Clostridium. It paralyzes the receptors which are involved in sweating process. So botox deactivates sweating glands receptors. Same way botox also used in wrinkles and skin tightening procedure


Excessive sweating is a condition which is due to activation of sweat glands called as hyperhidrosis. Most of the time it is not related to any disease or underlying condition. But some times 1. Obesity
                    2. Thyroid
                    3. Diabetes 
                    4. Cancer and blood related cancers
                    5. Metabolic disorders

Continuous excessive sweating leads to bacterial infection and cause irritating smell. Androgen hormones also plays role in sweating and smell from it. 


Botox injection is not a much complicated procedure. 1st we apply anesthetic cream over the area where botox has to inject. Once area is anesthetized botox can be injected by insulin injection.  Full area is covered by multiple insulin injection. It is not a painful or time taken procedure and start showing effect in half an hour. 


There are certain condition in which botox administration is completely restricted
1. Allergy with botox
2. Muscular dystrophy or mayopathy
3. Urticaria , angioedema
4. Blood cells cancers.
5. Autoimmune disease


Results are always 100%. Effect of Botox remains for 7-9 month and next time patient required less amount of dose. Effect of botox depends on its doses also for arm pit it requires 30-50 unit. For palm dose requirement is bit high around 60 unit.Post complications are insignificant or negligible. There may be little pain for some time. If patient is allergic to botox( which should be checked prior to procedure ) then swelling, itching, breathlessness, faintness, vertigo may come. 


Hi, after so many questions requests about P.R.P (platelet rich plasma) I decided to write about P.R.P. I have been giving this therapy to many patients since many years so i would add my personal experience too in this article. 


Now a days P.R.P is getting very popular because of its non surgical quick method and no post op complications. It is kind of therapy which falls between medical treatment( which wont work after certain limits) and hair transplant ( surgical and costly). So many patients become ready to get P.R.P which is more effective then simple medications and less costly too. P.R.P means platelet rich plasma. Technique is very simple we take out the blood (30-50 ml) , centrifuge the blood in machine. Due to this centrifuge red part of blood settled down and rest of the part which contains platelet and other factor remains upper side of test tube. We take out this upper part through syringe and inject it in to the hair thinning area of scalp with the help of anesthesia.  So basically plasma ( part of blood excluding red cells) which contains platelet and other growth factor is called P.R.P. 


Although  this technique is still not approved by recognized authority due to confusion and not proper research works on it action. It is said that P.R.P contains multiple growth factors ( which is true) which activate the roots of hair to grow the hair again. It contains PDGF, EGF-BETA,VGF( could be bouncer for readers). These factors are the main biological chemicals for the growth of any part of body cells and in this procedures these all factors including platelets related factor give kind of boost to hair roots. Which of course gives growth of hair.


Being a dermatologist it is very important to select the correct patients for P.R.P. It is not going to work in each patients. As i explained earlier it works on the sleeping roots so It wont work on the scalp where roots are not present. So if a patient comes with totally bald scalp then it is use less. P.R.P mainly works on 
1.Hair fall
2.Thinning of hair density, 
3. Low hair quality , 
4.Diffuse alopecia and too much hair fall
5. Very mild baldness
6. Generalized hair fall in females.

Patients who have some infection, fever, low platelets count , platelet disfunction,  low hemoglobin count, very high diabetes, cancer are not ideal patients to get this procedure done and should avoid it. 


Procedures takes 40-50 minutes which includes centrifuge of blood, and injecting to the scalp of P.R.P with anesthesia. Procedure could be bit painful initially but once anesthesia set paint wont be significant. The best part of P.R.P is there is no post procedure complications and no precautions. Once P.R.P done patients cant go to office and resume office work and can take other medications too. P.R.P can be taken with any other treatment whether it is related to some other disease or related to hair fall. 


Certainly results are there as per my own experiences but I never ever take guarantee that patient's  complain or preexisting problem will go off completely. Results may vary few patients are very happy while few are not . Results may fall 30-60% in range. 


P.R.P is used in many other disease successfully 
1. Unhealed fractors
2. Diabetic ulcer
3.Scars , mesotherapy
4. Plastic surgery
5. Leprotic ulcer, sclerosis, morphea
6. Non healing ulcers.

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Steroid is one of the dramatic molecule which can be considered dermatologist’s main weapon. But it should be used carefully. Steroid is very effective in various skin diseases but misuse of this molecules can make the disease worse. There are so many creams over the counter which are frequently used by people and unknowingly modify the lesion appearance and creates difficulty in treatment.  

What are the Steroids 
1st of all we should know what are steroids. Many over the counter creams like betnovate, quadriderm. Flutivate, penderm, melas, melalite all contain steroids. Or just read the content or formula of cream “ betamethasone, fluticasone, mometasone, clobetasone (mostly steroids have “sone” in the last) all are steroids. So don’t use these cream without prescription of dermatologist. 

Use of Steroids

Maine use of these creams are in eczema or allergy. But strength of steroid varies with area and severity of disease. There many disease where steroid creams are used and indicated. Few Important disease are 
1. Eczema, dermatitis, Allergy
2. ABCD 
3. Pemphigus 
4. Atopy
5. Various erythemas 

Do Not Use 

Steroids are strictly restricted in certain disease but due to lack of knowledge patients use the creams and make the condition more worse. Here i mention few disease where steroids must not be used.
1. Acne
2. Fungal
3. Mole, freckles , melasma
4. Furuncle, folliculitis, pustules
5. Wart, moluscum, balanitis, 
6. Herpes
6. bacterial, viral , fungal infection.

Side Effects

1.There are so many side effects due to irrational  use of steroids. 1st of steroid creams should be avoided over the face. Use for longer duration and strong cream cause rosacea and acne which is very difficult to treat. Continuous itching, redess, sun light sensitivity, burning sensation, acne, white patch , brown patches etc all the side effects of steroid on face.
2. Hypo trophic scars, skin atrophy is another steroid side effects 
3. White patches , hair loss 
4. Acne, bacterial infection folliculitis, furuncle

Steroid works as quick relieving creams it subsides the itching, darkness quickly but it doesnt kill the infection which is the root cause of disease. So after some times infection becomes worse and un-treatable So steroid should not be used until unless prescribed by doctor .

Sunday, 1 May 2016


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Salicylic acid peel is a superficial chemical peel which is gaining popularity. It has been found to be safe and effective in darker skin and Give the predictability, less downtime and efficacy compared with other peel. seeing popularity of this peel many patients come to me and ask for this procedure. lets discuss a  and know every thing about IT. 

What is salicylic acid peel??
Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid. Salicylic acid is derived from willow bark, wintergreen leaves and sweet birch. although it is acid but it does not burn the skin and very safe on skin.

How it works??

Salicylic acid is an excellent keratolytic agent means it remove upper dead skin and helps growing new skin. IBecause of its lipophilic nature, salicylic acid has a strong comedolytic effect and not only it gives instant glow but very effective in acne too. so basically it has two function.

Who should get this peel?

I personally feel as its very safe any person who wants glow can be go through this procedure but it is useful in certain skin conditions too.  It works in acne vulgaris, enlarged pores, rough and oily skin, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and photoaging.

When not use this peel?

As I told these are not harmful at all but if you have any kind of allergy with salicylic better avoid such peeling

How many sittings ??

Peels can be repeated once in 2 weeks for 5-6 sessions.

Know more about chemical peel
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