Friday, 13 May 2016


Hi, after so many questions requests about P.R.P (platelet rich plasma) I decided to write about P.R.P. I have been giving this therapy to many patients since many years so i would add my personal experience too in this article. 


Now a days P.R.P is getting very popular because of its non surgical quick method and no post op complications. It is kind of therapy which falls between medical treatment( which wont work after certain limits) and hair transplant ( surgical and costly). So many patients become ready to get P.R.P which is more effective then simple medications and less costly too. P.R.P means platelet rich plasma. Technique is very simple we take out the blood (30-50 ml) , centrifuge the blood in machine. Due to this centrifuge red part of blood settled down and rest of the part which contains platelet and other factor remains upper side of test tube. We take out this upper part through syringe and inject it in to the hair thinning area of scalp with the help of anesthesia.  So basically plasma ( part of blood excluding red cells) which contains platelet and other growth factor is called P.R.P. 


Although  this technique is still not approved by recognized authority due to confusion and not proper research works on it action. It is said that P.R.P contains multiple growth factors ( which is true) which activate the roots of hair to grow the hair again. It contains PDGF, EGF-BETA,VGF( could be bouncer for readers). These factors are the main biological chemicals for the growth of any part of body cells and in this procedures these all factors including platelets related factor give kind of boost to hair roots. Which of course gives growth of hair.


Being a dermatologist it is very important to select the correct patients for P.R.P. It is not going to work in each patients. As i explained earlier it works on the sleeping roots so It wont work on the scalp where roots are not present. So if a patient comes with totally bald scalp then it is use less. P.R.P mainly works on 
1.Hair fall
2.Thinning of hair density, 
3. Low hair quality , 
4.Diffuse alopecia and too much hair fall
5. Very mild baldness
6. Generalized hair fall in females.

Patients who have some infection, fever, low platelets count , platelet disfunction,  low hemoglobin count, very high diabetes, cancer are not ideal patients to get this procedure done and should avoid it. 


Procedures takes 40-50 minutes which includes centrifuge of blood, and injecting to the scalp of P.R.P with anesthesia. Procedure could be bit painful initially but once anesthesia set paint wont be significant. The best part of P.R.P is there is no post procedure complications and no precautions. Once P.R.P done patients cant go to office and resume office work and can take other medications too. P.R.P can be taken with any other treatment whether it is related to some other disease or related to hair fall. 


Certainly results are there as per my own experiences but I never ever take guarantee that patient's  complain or preexisting problem will go off completely. Results may vary few patients are very happy while few are not . Results may fall 30-60% in range. 


P.R.P is used in many other disease successfully 
1. Unhealed fractors
2. Diabetic ulcer
3.Scars , mesotherapy
4. Plastic surgery
5. Leprotic ulcer, sclerosis, morphea
6. Non healing ulcers.


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