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Steroid is one of the dramatic molecule which can be considered dermatologist’s main weapon. But it should be used carefully. Steroid is very effective in various skin diseases but misuse of this molecules can make the disease worse. There are so many creams over the counter which are frequently used by people and unknowingly modify the lesion appearance and creates difficulty in treatment.  

What are the Steroids 
1st of all we should know what are steroids. Many over the counter creams like betnovate, quadriderm. Flutivate, penderm, melas, melalite all contain steroids. Or just read the content or formula of cream “ betamethasone, fluticasone, mometasone, clobetasone (mostly steroids have “sone” in the last) all are steroids. So don’t use these cream without prescription of dermatologist. 

Use of Steroids

Maine use of these creams are in eczema or allergy. But strength of steroid varies with area and severity of disease. There many disease where steroid creams are used and indicated. Few Important disease are 
1. Eczema, dermatitis, Allergy
2. ABCD 
3. Pemphigus 
4. Atopy
5. Various erythemas 

Do Not Use 

Steroids are strictly restricted in certain disease but due to lack of knowledge patients use the creams and make the condition more worse. Here i mention few disease where steroids must not be used.
1. Acne
2. Fungal
3. Mole, freckles , melasma
4. Furuncle, folliculitis, pustules
5. Wart, moluscum, balanitis, 
6. Herpes
6. bacterial, viral , fungal infection.

Side Effects

1.There are so many side effects due to irrational  use of steroids. 1st of steroid creams should be avoided over the face. Use for longer duration and strong cream cause rosacea and acne which is very difficult to treat. Continuous itching, redess, sun light sensitivity, burning sensation, acne, white patch , brown patches etc all the side effects of steroid on face.
2. Hypo trophic scars, skin atrophy is another steroid side effects 
3. White patches , hair loss 
4. Acne, bacterial infection folliculitis, furuncle

Steroid works as quick relieving creams it subsides the itching, darkness quickly but it doesnt kill the infection which is the root cause of disease. So after some times infection becomes worse and un-treatable So steroid should not be used until unless prescribed by doctor .

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