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Hi, Welcome  Stretch marks are very common skin problem. It is an aesthetically important condition which can you give trouble while wearing cloths. Stretch marks mainly come over folds, joints, stomach, thighs, back. Here I will discuss about stretch marks and its treatment options.

Stretch marks or striae is a certain skin condition in which sudden stretch in skin due weight gain or pregnancy ( two most common cause)  cause breakage of connecting fibers of deeps skin ( dermis). Due to damage in connecting tissue upper layer and middle layer totally broken which leads to exposure of deep dermal skin. Due to blood vessels initially stretch marks look mild reddish and inflamed but later as time passes it becomes whitish. Although these are totally symptom less but initially mild itching, pain, irritation could be felt. 

Anything or any condition which can cause sudden or gradual increase in size of general body and cause tension in skin. 
1. Weight Gain - OBESITY
2. Pregnancy 
these two main reasons are for stretch marks. Other then this
1. Marfan, PCOD, Cushing syndrome
2. Prolonged use of steroid creams 
3. Puberty 

Dermaroller is a micro needle instrument . It has multiple titanium needles size varies from .5mm to 2mm. Basically in stretch marks we use 2mm needle. 1st we apply the anesthetic creams over the area to make it senseless. After that we role the dermaroller over the area 6-8 times in multiple directions till mild blood comes. The whole idea behind dermaroller is to give sufficient amount of injury the area. Injury activate the collagen system (main material of dermal and deep skin) and cells start producing collagen. Collagen gets filled beneath the stretch marks and give appearance of fullness and further it looks normal slowly-slowly.
Procedure is as such very simple, not much time consuming, painless and almost no post procedure complications present. Multiple sittings are required. During procedure vit c serum can be added with dermaroller which can further fasten the collagen activation. Number of sittings varies with results 8-10 sittings are required  with the gap of 2-3 week between two sittings. After procedure little pain, redness may persist for few days for that steroid and antibiotics mixed cream should be applied.

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