Friday, 13 May 2016


Hi, Excessive sweating could be embarrassing and even irritating some times. Sweating under arms and palms are two problematic condition which affects even life quality too. There are few medical treatment which are not really as effect as botox. I personally prefer to give botox when ever patient comes with this condition. Although it is costly and not a permanent solution but better than other options.


Botox is always a important chemical in dermatology. It is type of toxin taken out from bacteria named Clostridium. It paralyzes the receptors which are involved in sweating process. So botox deactivates sweating glands receptors. Same way botox also used in wrinkles and skin tightening procedure


Excessive sweating is a condition which is due to activation of sweat glands called as hyperhidrosis. Most of the time it is not related to any disease or underlying condition. But some times 1. Obesity
                    2. Thyroid
                    3. Diabetes 
                    4. Cancer and blood related cancers
                    5. Metabolic disorders

Continuous excessive sweating leads to bacterial infection and cause irritating smell. Androgen hormones also plays role in sweating and smell from it. 


Botox injection is not a much complicated procedure. 1st we apply anesthetic cream over the area where botox has to inject. Once area is anesthetized botox can be injected by insulin injection.  Full area is covered by multiple insulin injection. It is not a painful or time taken procedure and start showing effect in half an hour. 


There are certain condition in which botox administration is completely restricted
1. Allergy with botox
2. Muscular dystrophy or mayopathy
3. Urticaria , angioedema
4. Blood cells cancers.
5. Autoimmune disease


Results are always 100%. Effect of Botox remains for 7-9 month and next time patient required less amount of dose. Effect of botox depends on its doses also for arm pit it requires 30-50 unit. For palm dose requirement is bit high around 60 unit.Post complications are insignificant or negligible. There may be little pain for some time. If patient is allergic to botox( which should be checked prior to procedure ) then swelling, itching, breathlessness, faintness, vertigo may come. 

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