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I think cracked and fissured heal is most common problem in house working females. Due to busy schedule and negligence of proper care  of foot further increase this problem. Later it becomes painful and infected which might arise serious problems.

Why I get these cracks?

Extreme dryness of foot is the most important cause of cracked heels. It is also called as fissure foot. As we know foot is part of body which wear all weight of body. Mechanical pressure cause flattening of foot and due to dryness it gets torn. Not drinking enough water and poor nutrition are also risk factors for cracked heels. Wearing open shoe in hot summer days cause fat on the heel to move sideways and increases the  crack furtherFungal infection also can cause such type of cracks but nail infection and blackening of feet nail also present most of the times in fungal infection.

Is it serious problem?

No, it is not serious until you avoid it and keep it untreated for longer period. Improper care might cause secondary infection. Bacterial infection or fungal infection may complicate the problems. It may turned in to wound and becomes painful. 

Diabetes and foot cracks 

If u suffering from diabetes it could be serious. In diabetes patient's sensation power diminished. so may times patient is not able to sense pain and wound in fissure. Some times situation becomes worse but diabetic patients still can not notice it. 2nd thing diabetic patients are more prone to get fissure due to more dryness and sensation loss.

Water Increase fissure foot?

I always advice to avoid long contact with water and soap, washing powder because it may infect the fissure. 2nd thing water delay the healing process and further creates problems.

How to treat it?

It's very simple use some moisturizer daily. liq. paraffine or your home coconut oil also can be used. Many people use glycerin + lemon. it is also useful. Medically i prescribe salicylic  acid 3-6% with some mild steroids. We have to see infection. if I see any white pus or erosive lesions i give antibiotics and rule out fungal infection too. If diabetes is there have to treat that for better response. 

How to care my feet ?

You can get lot of things while searching over Internet. i also searched and compiled important points for you which will help you to care your foot. So these points are summery of my experience and from other sources. Lets have a look

  1. Drink more water to combat dryness and dehydration, which can cause cracked feet or make them worse.
  2. Get regular pedicures so that your feet are clean, healthy, and smooth.
  3. Avoid open-heeled or high-heeled shoes, as these can make cracked feet drier and more painful. Wear breathable shoes with or without cotton socks.
    Soak your feet in warm water with liberal amounts of baby oil. Pat dry and surround them in plastic wrap so that they stay moist.
  4. Try an oil-based moisturizing cream. Look for ones with vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe.
  5. Smooth wet feet regularly with a pumice stone. This reduces the thickness of hard, cracked, calloused skin. Be sure to scrub the pumice over the balls and heels of your feet.
  6. Try using a pumice sheet attached to a handle on dry feet. This quickly flakes off thick skin so that cracks are smoothed out. Use twice a day for two weeks.
  7. Never use a razor blade or Credo knife on cracked feet. It may hurt or cut too deeply, and it may cause infection.
  8. Never use scissors, a cuticle cutter, or a toenail clipper on cracked feet. You will cause additional injury.
  9. Don’t pick at the cracks in your feet. You will cause more cracks.
    Try immersing feet in warm water and honey for 15 minutes. Honey works wonders for treating cracked feet.
  10. Invest in an electric footbath to warm and massage feet, and fill with milk and water for an extra moisture boost.
  11. Coat your feet nightly with special foot ointment, available at most drugstores.
  12. Make your own foot lotion by combining baby lotion with spearmint and eucalyptus oil. Massage into feet and cover them in thin cotton socks. Sleep in your lotion-rich socks and then rinse carefully in the morning (your feet may be slippery!).
  13. Scrub your feet every morning with a homemade foot scrub made from 4 tablespoons of salt mixed with ½ cup of baby oil, almond oil, or coconut oil.
    Puncture vitamin E capsules and spread the contents on your feet. Vitamin E has been shown to help heal dry, cracked skin.
  14. Douse feet in petroleum jelly and cover them with clean, soft socks. Dab petroleum jelly on the cracks throughout the day.
  15. If all else fails, consult your doctor. You may need a prescription treatment to combat bacteria and infection


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