Friday, 10 June 2016


Hello , Laser Hair Removal is always a hot topic among patients. All want to get rid of monthly waxing, threading which is bit painful and irritating. Lets discuss about lasers, its type, precautions, its pro and cons. I hope i have covered all the important points and queries in this article.


Laser hair removal is procedure in which laser acts on hair root and kill it permanently. Laser is kind of special waves which hit the the root of hair hair and activate the melanin ( pigment which is black and responsible for black hair) part of root. Due to activation of melanin it start burning whole hair root and permanently damage the hair as well as its growth. Due to damage of root hair falls of and never comes back. As i said laser works on melanin (black pigment ) so gray, white, red hair do not contain melanin and dont not respond to laser. 


There are many types of laser which are used in hair removal. Now a days we are using two type of laser. One is ND Yag lasers. This laser is very effective and gives satisfactory results at the same time it is almost pain less. 2nd one is diode laser which is my favorite. It is bit pain full but results are better than Nd yag. Now Even modification of diode laser have come. There are various diode laser wavelength 800nm, 808nm, 810nm. Studies show 810nm diode laser wavelength seems better than others. So in cosmetology clinic you can check about it. 


1. Do not wax, thread, bleach or get any other cosmetic procedure before few days of procedure.
2. Use sunscreen, avoid sun light exposure, keep the area covered for few days before procedure
3. Stop applying any cream until required 
4. Check the type of machine in clinic, credential of cosmetologist, 
5. Hair should be trimmed  just before procedure
6. Pre procedure patch test should be done few days before procedure in which small dose of laser is given to know whether patients has sensitivity to laser or not. 


Procedure is safe and takes time depending upon area. Although thick hair and black skin gives good response and require lesser number of sittings while thin hair and fair skin needs more sitting. Number of sittings may varies from 6-10 in number. Gap between two laser should be 2-3 weeks and sunscreen should used during laser sessions. During procedure hair should be trimmed and jelly is applied over area. Adjust the power of laser according to patients comfortability. Procedure should not be painful and patient should not feel burning sensation during procedure. Eyelashes, genital part should be avoided from laser exposure. Facial hair, arm pit hair, thighs, legs , arms hair can be removed effectively with laser.  


1. Apply sunscreen over the area multiple times in day
2. avoid sun exposure and any kind of chemical application
3. Ice cold compression is good and would be helpful to reduce post complications. 
4. Black skin are more prone to get side effects so doses should be low in black skin
5. Apply moisturizer repeatedly  


Although procedure is safe but few complications can come and can be treated wisely.
1. Redness is very common and most of the time comes after every procedure. Mild steroid like flutivate works fine and redness goes off in 3-5 days.
2. Burning , pigmentation, are the other common complications which can be treated easily and do not bother the patients for long time
3. Blisters, eczema , these are bit serious but treatable complications due to high dose or sensitivity but oral steroids and topical steroid can cure the problem
4. Hair growth - yes some time laser may revers the effect and increase the hair growth if given in inadequate manner and in low dose then required. This is called low level laser therapy which is used in baldness. 


1. Sensitive to lasers, 
2. Any skin disease
3. Pregnancy 
4. Gray, white ,red hair
5. high expectations


Well results are good and almost up to 80% improvement can be seen after 4-5 sittings. Although it is not 100% and cant be remove all the hair and patients may require more sittings. Some times sittings go up to more 10 in number.  Effect of laser is last long but patient should go under laser every 1 year once in 5-8 month which is called maintenance sittings.  

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