Sunday, 24 July 2016

Acne : Lets Treat It Yourself


According to many study more than 70% population between 14-30 are suffering from acne. Many of us don't go to doctor thinking that there is no treatment for acne. I personally feel acne is a world wide problem which is ignored by patients as well as their family. As many studies say acne could be a serious cause of depression in youth. Lets treat it yourself . I classify acne in 3 category.
       Mild                                          Moderate                                   Severe

When you get few acne             When you get acne more in'          Large size acne. and
only. acne size are small            number.large in size. persist           involving larger 
not very painful and self             for long time. painful.                      area of face. Leaves
resolving.                                                                                           scar after resolving.

Acne is self resolving problem but when it is severe it causes scaring and disfigurement of face. chest, back and scalp also can be involved. Now lets see what treatment you should start.

I suggest one topical antibiotic+one anti inflammatory+ one oral antibiotic. This is my 1st line of treatment which is most of the time cure the acne in 80-90% patients.
So here is the Creams and tablet.
Clindamycine gel --- It prevent acne formation and very effective. Should be applied all over face irrespective of acne presence.
Adapalene gel 1%---  This works very effectively on acne and now a days  all dermatologist prescribe this gel. Use it in the night before going to sleep and just use it over acne. You don't need to apply it all over face. Apply it just over acne. 

There are many other cream like bezoyl per oxide creams but I never advice to use as this cream cause irritation of skin and leave post acne pigmentation. 

Tab Minocycline 100 Mg or Tab. Doxycycline 100 oral tablet

I personally prefer to minocyline 100 mg every day. It is more effective than Doxycycline but at the same time very costly and less safer I give Doxycycline 100 mg one tab ever day for 20 days and tell to come back for evaluation.

So this is the main treatment line for any mild or moderate acne patients. Where ever you go  same treatment is given to all acne patients. These drugs are very safe and not known for any kind of side effect. Use this treatment for 30 days and evaluate the effect of treatment. Topical gel  can be continue for longer time.
NO Medicine, gels and oral tablets are recommended in pregnancy.
Now lets talk about severe acne. If u have such type of acne I would suggest you to go to local dermatologist. There are some certain medicine which are very effective in sever acne but can not be given without doctor advice.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

LACE HAIR SYSTEM : Alternative of Hair Transplant

Hello friends, As a hair transplant surgeon I know that hair transplant is not a wise option in many cases specially in extreme bald case. In this article I will discuss about lace hair system which is pretty good alternative of hair transplant and give very good  results.   


1. Poor donor area. Many patients do not have good donor area from where we take grafts. We should avoid such cases
2. Too much baldness. When patient has grade 6 or 7 type of baldness in which almost full scalp is bald. Should not do hair transplant or explain the patient that we can not cover full bald scalp.
3. Very good density when patient is expecting very good density of hair same as natural hair. Hair transplant can not give 100% density
4. Instant result. Hair transplant takes 4-8 month to get results
5. Who does not want pain, long procedure , post procedure medicine and other operation related complication. 
   In these cases we can go for Lace Hair System which gives full density and very good results. 


Lace system is a cap like thing in which a high density of hair is attached to net like thin structure. Hair are attached and designed in such a way that it gives 100 % natural look with proper hair density. Base of lace system which is net like and matches with skin color. Hairs are designed so naturally that it is very difficult to distinguish between scalp skin and lace hair system. So it looks like hairs are attached to scalp skin only. There are many advantage of lace hair system. Hair are real human hair and totally virgin in quality means not treated with any chemical. Lace system will be attached to scalp by skin friendly glue. This glue is non allergic ,non reactive so does not affect the skin and washable. One important point is lace system can be used up to 1 year after that you need to change it.
1. Complete full density
2. Natural hair line 
3. 100% virgin human hair
4. Can make any style ,spray ,gel ,shampoo, swimming 
5. Very cheaper than hair transplant
6. No surgery , no risk, no post procedure complications
7. Instant results


Lace hair system is completely different from wig. In wig hair are artificial and attached to scalp by clipping or weaving which in future develops allergic ,contact dermatitis. Wig gives very much artificial look and you can not wash wig with shampoo.  Many times wig becomes loose and fall off. But in lace system it is stick to glue which does not allow lace system to be detached. Also because of net air flow remains proper to scalp and let skin function properly.

In The END

Although being a transplant surgeon I do lot of transplant surgery but lace hair system is a good option. Many patients who are not suitable or willing to go for hair transplant can get this. As far i have knowledge many bollywood and hollywood stars have got lace system rather than hair transplant.
Know about hair fall .

Dr.Gaurang Gupta.,
M.B.B.S., D.D.V.L., 
Cosmetology, Dermatology, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Venereology, HIV Specialist 

Sunday, 3 July 2016


Hello Friends As we know ACNE is one of most known , common , debatable and problematic skin condition in younger age group. It has psycho-social impact on patient as Acne usually cause disfigurement of face skin. Here in this article i would write few random tips which should be followed by every person

  • Use Sunscreen regularly . It not only protect skin from sun but also from dust and pollution. Check another topic in blog to know more about sunscreen

  • Drink lot of water . Water clear the toxins from body through urine . More you drink better would be skin health. 

  • Clean your make up proper before sleeping in night. Makeup cosmetics close the pores and cause acne formation. Try to use less make as possible and always clean the face before sleeping in night.

  • Do not Wash your face again and again with facewash. Only once or twice is enough. If you use it frequently it would disturb PH of skin and even kill helpful bacterias . 

  • Avoid sweet, dairy, oily, spicy, junk food, chocolate .  These all have high glycemic index and could have role in acne . Although studies have not established any elation between acne and food.

  • Use Vitamin C serum and Vit.E tablets . These are helpful to maintain skin texture, tightness, and smoothness. 

  • Do not use any over the counter cream on face or on acne with out doctor prescription . Steroid creams may worsen the condition as well as can cause other skin problem. All over the counter creams contain steroids .  

  • Do not touch the pimple unnecessary . It infects other part of skin also and  acne may come on other areas too. Picking acne again and again also leaves marks and scars. 

  • Avoid hair oil, hair products , dandruff etc. Oil comes down to face during shower and cause pimples.

  • Exfoliate the skin. By creams or peels . You can get the peels monthly. It will remove dead skin and gives fresh, smoothen look.

  • Do not rub the creams , cosmetics on face. Just put and do gentle massage for 2-3 times . Do not rub aggressively 

  • Change the pillow cover regularly. It becomes collection of bacterias and infect the face skin again and again

  • Have healthy food, vegetables, fruits , juices . Exercise, yoga and good  sleep all release stress and maintain hormonal level.

  • Avoid exposure to dust, pollution, smoke . All cause skin irritation and eventually cause acne.Keep hair small and dont let hair come on face. Dandruff etc cause acne over skin

  • Do not use multiple home remedies unnecessary. Go to doctor and get the proper medical treatment.

  • There is no spot , immediate treatment of acne. It cant go off in 2-3 days so continue treatment for month , wait and watch.

Friday, 1 July 2016


Welcome, skin condition in pregnancy is notice-bile and problematic. Mostly condition are non serious and acute . After delivery these conditions go off but many times it is recurrent and may come next time. Here i am writing few important common disease only although list is very big and any skin condition may aggravate in pregnancy. 


This is the most important and most common skin change in pregnancy. Due to pregnancy there is increase size with eventually stretch the ski. It cause damage in skin substance and form stretch marks. To know more about STRETCH MARKS AND TREATMENT.


Due to extreme hormonal change in body during pregnancy cause brownish patches over face. These are very stub born and very difficult to treat once it has come on face. Sunlight is another very important factor which increases this problem. Sunscreen must be used to prevent it. Know more about effect of sun on skin 


Acne flare up and break out is very common problem. It is a trouble some problem because we can not give oral antibiotics or any other effective treatment even certain creams (retino-A etc ) are restricted due effect on fetus. Once delivery done we can start full treatment . 


Mental or physical stress , hormonal surge , nutritional deficiency and other factor may cause mild to sever hair fall. Some time hair fall continues even after 2-3 month of delivery. Proper nutrition , multivitamin , good sleep will recover the problem after delivery.


Many times pregnant female develops small -small multiple very itchy bumps type lesion called as P.P.P. Although it is not very common but I have seen few patient with severe itching problem. We can give antihistamincs and steroid creams which are safe in pregnancy. It is self limiting condition. After delivery it goes off itself. 


Many times due to increase surge of androgen hormone can cause increase in facial hair density. Although after delivery there many procedures which can help in reducing it like laser hair removal . 

Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy

Same as P.P.P it is a itchy condition but reddish patches come which commonly comes in last trimester. It also self limiting condition and gets resolved after delivery.