Sunday, 3 July 2016


Hello Friends As we know ACNE is one of most known , common , debatable and problematic skin condition in younger age group. It has psycho-social impact on patient as Acne usually cause disfigurement of face skin. Here in this article i would write few random tips which should be followed by every person

  • Use Sunscreen regularly . It not only protect skin from sun but also from dust and pollution. Check another topic in blog to know more about sunscreen

  • Drink lot of water . Water clear the toxins from body through urine . More you drink better would be skin health. 

  • Clean your make up proper before sleeping in night. Makeup cosmetics close the pores and cause acne formation. Try to use less make as possible and always clean the face before sleeping in night.

  • Do not Wash your face again and again with facewash. Only once or twice is enough. If you use it frequently it would disturb PH of skin and even kill helpful bacterias . 

  • Avoid sweet, dairy, oily, spicy, junk food, chocolate .  These all have high glycemic index and could have role in acne . Although studies have not established any elation between acne and food.

  • Use Vitamin C serum and Vit.E tablets . These are helpful to maintain skin texture, tightness, and smoothness. 

  • Do not use any over the counter cream on face or on acne with out doctor prescription . Steroid creams may worsen the condition as well as can cause other skin problem. All over the counter creams contain steroids .  

  • Do not touch the pimple unnecessary . It infects other part of skin also and  acne may come on other areas too. Picking acne again and again also leaves marks and scars. 

  • Avoid hair oil, hair products , dandruff etc. Oil comes down to face during shower and cause pimples.

  • Exfoliate the skin. By creams or peels . You can get the peels monthly. It will remove dead skin and gives fresh, smoothen look.

  • Do not rub the creams , cosmetics on face. Just put and do gentle massage for 2-3 times . Do not rub aggressively 

  • Change the pillow cover regularly. It becomes collection of bacterias and infect the face skin again and again

  • Have healthy food, vegetables, fruits , juices . Exercise, yoga and good  sleep all release stress and maintain hormonal level.

  • Avoid exposure to dust, pollution, smoke . All cause skin irritation and eventually cause acne.Keep hair small and dont let hair come on face. Dandruff etc cause acne over skin

  • Do not use multiple home remedies unnecessary. Go to doctor and get the proper medical treatment.

  • There is no spot , immediate treatment of acne. It cant go off in 2-3 days so continue treatment for month , wait and watch.

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  1. thanks for such a nice post...many useful tips