Sunday, 24 July 2016

Acne : Lets Treat It Yourself


According to many study more than 70% population between 14-30 are suffering from acne. Many of us don't go to doctor thinking that there is no treatment for acne. I personally feel acne is a world wide problem which is ignored by patients as well as their family. As many studies say acne could be a serious cause of depression in youth. Lets treat it yourself . I classify acne in 3 category.
       Mild                                          Moderate                                   Severe

When you get few acne             When you get acne more in'          Large size acne. and
only. acne size are small            number.large in size. persist           involving larger 
not very painful and self             for long time. painful.                      area of face. Leaves
resolving.                                                                                           scar after resolving.

Acne is self resolving problem but when it is severe it causes scaring and disfigurement of face. chest, back and scalp also can be involved. Now lets see what treatment you should start.

I suggest one topical antibiotic+one anti inflammatory+ one oral antibiotic. This is my 1st line of treatment which is most of the time cure the acne in 80-90% patients.
So here is the Creams and tablet.
Clindamycine gel --- It prevent acne formation and very effective. Should be applied all over face irrespective of acne presence.
Adapalene gel 1%---  This works very effectively on acne and now a days  all dermatologist prescribe this gel. Use it in the night before going to sleep and just use it over acne. You don't need to apply it all over face. Apply it just over acne. 

There are many other cream like bezoyl per oxide creams but I never advice to use as this cream cause irritation of skin and leave post acne pigmentation. 

Tab Minocycline 100 Mg or Tab. Doxycycline 100 oral tablet

I personally prefer to minocyline 100 mg every day. It is more effective than Doxycycline but at the same time very costly and less safer I give Doxycycline 100 mg one tab ever day for 20 days and tell to come back for evaluation.

So this is the main treatment line for any mild or moderate acne patients. Where ever you go  same treatment is given to all acne patients. These drugs are very safe and not known for any kind of side effect. Use this treatment for 30 days and evaluate the effect of treatment. Topical gel  can be continue for longer time.
NO Medicine, gels and oral tablets are recommended in pregnancy.
Now lets talk about severe acne. If u have such type of acne I would suggest you to go to local dermatologist. There are some certain medicine which are very effective in sever acne but can not be given without doctor advice.

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