Tuesday, 19 July 2016

LACE HAIR SYSTEM : Alternative of Hair Transplant

Hello friends, As a hair transplant surgeon I know that hair transplant is not a wise option in many cases specially in extreme bald case. In this article I will discuss about lace hair system which is pretty good alternative of hair transplant and give very good  results.   


1. Poor donor area. Many patients do not have good donor area from where we take grafts. We should avoid such cases
2. Too much baldness. When patient has grade 6 or 7 type of baldness in which almost full scalp is bald. Should not do hair transplant or explain the patient that we can not cover full bald scalp.
3. Very good density when patient is expecting very good density of hair same as natural hair. Hair transplant can not give 100% density
4. Instant result. Hair transplant takes 4-8 month to get results
5. Who does not want pain, long procedure , post procedure medicine and other operation related complication. 
   In these cases we can go for Lace Hair System which gives full density and very good results. 


Lace system is a cap like thing in which a high density of hair is attached to net like thin structure. Hair are attached and designed in such a way that it gives 100 % natural look with proper hair density. Base of lace system which is net like and matches with skin color. Hairs are designed so naturally that it is very difficult to distinguish between scalp skin and lace hair system. So it looks like hairs are attached to scalp skin only. There are many advantage of lace hair system. Hair are real human hair and totally virgin in quality means not treated with any chemical. Lace system will be attached to scalp by skin friendly glue. This glue is non allergic ,non reactive so does not affect the skin and washable. One important point is lace system can be used up to 1 year after that you need to change it.
1. Complete full density
2. Natural hair line 
3. 100% virgin human hair
4. Can make any style ,spray ,gel ,shampoo, swimming 
5. Very cheaper than hair transplant
6. No surgery , no risk, no post procedure complications
7. Instant results


Lace hair system is completely different from wig. In wig hair are artificial and attached to scalp by clipping or weaving which in future develops allergic ,contact dermatitis. Wig gives very much artificial look and you can not wash wig with shampoo.  Many times wig becomes loose and fall off. But in lace system it is stick to glue which does not allow lace system to be detached. Also because of net air flow remains proper to scalp and let skin function properly.

In The END

Although being a transplant surgeon I do lot of transplant surgery but lace hair system is a good option. Many patients who are not suitable or willing to go for hair transplant can get this. As far i have knowledge many bollywood and hollywood stars have got lace system rather than hair transplant.
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Dr.Gaurang Gupta.,
M.B.B.S., D.D.V.L., 
Cosmetology, Dermatology, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Venereology, HIV Specialist 


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