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Welcome, skin condition in pregnancy is notice-bile and problematic. Mostly condition are non serious and acute . After delivery these conditions go off but many times it is recurrent and may come next time. Here i am writing few important common disease only although list is very big and any skin condition may aggravate in pregnancy. 


This is the most important and most common skin change in pregnancy. Due to pregnancy there is increase size with eventually stretch the ski. It cause damage in skin substance and form stretch marks. To know more about STRETCH MARKS AND TREATMENT.


Due to extreme hormonal change in body during pregnancy cause brownish patches over face. These are very stub born and very difficult to treat once it has come on face. Sunlight is another very important factor which increases this problem. Sunscreen must be used to prevent it. Know more about effect of sun on skin 


Acne flare up and break out is very common problem. It is a trouble some problem because we can not give oral antibiotics or any other effective treatment even certain creams (retino-A etc ) are restricted due effect on fetus. Once delivery done we can start full treatment . 


Mental or physical stress , hormonal surge , nutritional deficiency and other factor may cause mild to sever hair fall. Some time hair fall continues even after 2-3 month of delivery. Proper nutrition , multivitamin , good sleep will recover the problem after delivery.


Many times pregnant female develops small -small multiple very itchy bumps type lesion called as P.P.P. Although it is not very common but I have seen few patient with severe itching problem. We can give antihistamincs and steroid creams which are safe in pregnancy. It is self limiting condition. After delivery it goes off itself. 


Many times due to increase surge of androgen hormone can cause increase in facial hair density. Although after delivery there many procedures which can help in reducing it like laser hair removal . 

Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy

Same as P.P.P it is a itchy condition but reddish patches come which commonly comes in last trimester. It also self limiting condition and gets resolved after delivery.

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