Monday, 1 August 2016

How to Treat BROWN SPOTS on FACE:Melasma (झाईयां)

Hello Friends, Brown spots over face , around nose, forehead, over nose is very common in dark skin. Today I will try to cover all important points and F.A.Qs related to Melasma or brown spots.


Brown spots or melasma are brownish spots over face , around nose, forehead, over lips, cheeks, below eyes. These spots are very stubborn and very difficult to treat. This is symmetrical present both side of face. It can be either deep or superficial depending on duration and age of patients. Pregnant women are very prone to get such marks due to hormonal disturbance. This is called Chloasma or Mask of pregnancy. 


There are mainly two factors which cause melasma 1. Sunlight and 2. Hormonal imbalance(pregnancy cause hormonal imbalance). These two are main culprit but other factors further add the disease progression. Other than this thyroid problem, drugs, cosmetics, oral contraceptive pills etc also can cause melasma. 


1. People who work lot in sunlight , outdoor work
2. Pregnancy 
3. More common in women than men
4. Age 20-40 years
5. Indian skin
6 Family history


Sunscreen: Must for any type of melasma. It prevent melasma progression . Read more about sunscreen click here

Hydroquinone, Azelaic, kojic acid

These are antipigmentation chemical. These come in market with various combination and strength. All such chemical should be applied in the night because these reacts with light so safer to use in night.

Retinoic acid, steroid and triple combination ( meladerm, melas, etc)

There are so many products in market which are sold with out doctor prescription. These creams could be very dangerous to skin. Steroid cause lot of side effects. (read about steroid ) . Retinoic acid cause peeling, redness, buring, itching sensation of skin. So these creams should be used very consciously. 

Vit.C Serum and multivitamins 

Vit.C serum and multivitamins are add on factor in treatment. It gives better look, nutrition and improvement. (read more about Vit C serum )


Glycolic peel is one of the main treatment option. This gives better results as well as maintenance peel prevent recurrence of melasma.(read more about chemical peel

Q-Switch, Fractional laser

Its use is controversial . Many studies are not in favor of this treatment due post laser pigmentation. I personal have used in few patients and results are very much variable. Few got satisfactory results but few did not get any results. (read about laser hair removal)

In The END

Melasma is very challenging condition and very difficult to remove completely. Recurrence is another problem. Most of the time it comes back even after total disappearance . So we still searching a treatment option which can cure melasma completely. 


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  1. should i get chemical peel .I have it since long time

    1. Yes .glycolic peel would be good optin for you

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