Tuesday, 6 September 2016

SKIN Manifestations in DENGUE FEVER

Hello Friends Dengue fever is very common in rainy season and unhygienic environment. It is very fatal disease and delayed identification of disease further increases its fatality. Fever, flue like symptom, joint pain, cough etc are initial symptoms of dengue fever. Patient does not take these symptoms very seriously and unknowingly worsen the condition. Skin manifestation in dengue may help in early detection and treatment. In this article I would try to explain here only about skin related features which can be present in Dengue fever. 

Fever Exanthema 

It comes with in 24-48 hr of fever. According to studies 50-80% patients get Exanthema. It is mild generalized redness of face, back and chest. It is thought to be the result of capillary dilatation. It is easily visible by blanching(putting pressure ) the skin. 


Appearance of generalized (except palm and sole) rashes all over body. It comes after 2-3 days of fever. Involvement of area increases with time and rashes start joining each other and uninvolved skin looks like white island in red sea. As fever goes off rashes also resolve itself. 


These are skin manifestation of dengue due to bleeding. As we know that dengue cause inability of blood to form clot so in severe untreated stage bleeding starts. In skin too blood gets collected and form bruise like skin lesion which is called purpura or petechiae. If size of bruise is big it is called ecchymosis. 

                     These are skin conditions which may come in dengue fever but it is not necessary that these symptoms always come. Many times dengue can be present with out any skin manifestation too. Proper check up is must if dengue is suspected.



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  2. The extreme dryness is one of the reason in which a person feels tightness on the skin all the time that later on results in itchiness or redness. At first, Face Rash the individuals may not see any signs on the skin, but after sometime, their skin get inflamed and red rashes appear that often causes a burning sensation

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